V75 Inc. launches app to help fight covid-19

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Local technology company v75 Inc. on Tuesday launched a Web Application that is solely aimed at assisting in the fight against the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The app gives person an opportunity to interface with it with through a conversation – you can ask anything about the Coronavirus and it will answer. What is unique about the app is that it will provide real time information and can understand Guyanese dialect. The app will also provide information from the World Health Organisation (WHO). https://www.facebook.com/newsroomgy/videos/736287276901963/ Source: Newsroom

Software application designed by Guyanese developer aims to improve your work productivity

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Have you ever been tasked with writing the details of an important meeting? If you can write quickly, maybe this task is not that difficult for you. On the other hand, keeping up with the topic of discussion at the meeting could be time-consuming. If you experience the latter, an application designed by Alissa Hodge of V75 Inc. could save you lots of time. V75 Inc. is an information technology company based in Guyana which develops information systems and provides conversational artificial intelligence engineering solutions for businesses. The company also supports the development of budding tech developers in Guyana by creating opportunities such as internships and paid apprenticeship [...]