Software application designed by Guyanese developer aims to improve your work productivity

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Have you ever been tasked with writing the details of an important meeting? If you can write quickly, maybe this task is not that difficult for you. On the other hand, keeping up with the topic of discussion at the meeting could be time-consuming. If you experience the latter, an application designed by Alissa Hodge of V75 Inc. could save you lots of time. V75 Inc. is an information technology company based in Guyana which develops information systems and provides conversational artificial intelligence engineering solutions for businesses. The company also supports the development of budding tech developers in Guyana by creating opportunities such as internships and paid apprenticeship [...]

Guyanese tech developer designs facial recognition system to unlock doors

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We’ve probably all seen action-packed movies where the characters use their faces to unlock a door or “secret room” of some sort with a sophisticated-looking security system. For the young tech fanatics, seeing such scenarios is probably one of the most intriguing observations. It’s even more captivating when you can not only see this type of technology being used in reality but develop it as well. This type of excitement is what the team of developers at V75 Inc. in Guyana experienced when testing a facial recognition system designed by one of their technology developers, Sean Singh. In a video published by the company on YouTube in January, [...]

TRAINING THE MACHINE TO MATCH IMAGES – Prototyping an AI-based image matching tool using vector models in a couple of days…

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Chavez Harris is a Technology Developer I over at V75 Inc who works in our AI department building conversational AI experiences. Chavez unveils his latest “experiment” on his machine learning journey with PhotoMug. On the surface it’s a search engine for images but baked beneath is some AI-based image matching using vector models which can be trained to recognize similarities across images and group them based on a relevance factor. Very cool! ==== V75 Pet Projects are tech projects undertaken by interns, apprentices and engineers at V75 Inc. to help them learn new technologies and enhance their developer skills. Some projects are truly innovative while others may be unoriginal; learning [...]

AUTOMATE THE ANNUAL REPORT – Prototyping an organization journal app in a couple of days…

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Shawn, Gimel, Shivpaul, Delron and Michæł are a mix of interns, apprentices and Junior Technology Developers over at V75 Inc. They were thrown a task to build an information system which makes it simpler for management to track and organize company activities throughout the year and with one click, have the system generate a fully formatted annual report. They were given an impossible deadline of two days. What they built in that time is nothing short of amazing! ==== V75 Pet Projects are tech projects undertaken by interns, apprentices and engineers at V75 Inc. to help them learn new technologies and enhance their developer skills. Some projects are truly innovative [...]

LET THE MACHINE TAKE THE MINUTES – Alissa’s Speech Recognition Pet Project…

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Alissa Hodge is a Technology Developer I at V75 Inc. who works in our AI department building conversational AI experiences. Alissa updates us with her work on “Session”, her pet project - an application which uses speech recognition to automate the transcription and formatting of meeting minutes, so we humans have more time to do less mundane things. While “Session” is still in its infancy, it has great potential and presents opportunities to explore other interesting areas such as named-entity recognition and text summarization techniques, just to name a few. ==== V75 Pet Projects are tech projects undertaken by interns, apprentices and engineers at V75 Inc. to help them [...]

V75 Inc Developer piques students’ interest in STEM at QC Summer Math Institute

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Co-coordinator of the Queen’s College Summer Institute (2019 edition) Shifiera Surujballi briefly addressed the students before overseeing the ‘reflections’ session. She chronicled her vocational journey from the time she graduated secondary school until her current occupation. The QC alumnus drove home the point that passion should be the over-arching theme when pursuing a lifelong career in any given field. After lunch, during which the students played rousing games of cricket and football, there was a brief mathematics session, then via Skype the students interacted with the Math Institute’s Founding Father himself- Dr. Terrence Blackman. Dr. Blackman- aside from being a QC ‘Old Boy’- dons the hat of Dean, [...]

Artificial Intelligence Software Developer aims to be a pioneer in Data Science

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The false notion that young women can’t or simply don’t want to be involved in basic or advanced levels of the local Information Communications Technology sector is rapidly being put to rest. In the spirit of international Girls in ICT Day, being observed on Thursday, April 25, the News Room features Candace Nelson, Systems/Software Developer employed at Version 75, stationed at the Nexus Hub Guyana. Candace works on advanced artificial intelligence software development projects and says that she one day hopes to become a pioneer in the field of data science.

Hack Solve seeks to boost civic engagement

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AFTER an intensive two days of idea generation and software creation, the 17 technologists that participated in the inaugural ‘Hack Solve’ event have managed to create a software prototype that will seek to boost civic engagement in Guyana. The Nexus Hack-Solve event was hosted at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre under the auspices of local social impact and tech company, NeXus Hub Inc. Beginning Friday evening, the 17 innovative minds were tasked with going through a pool of nine problems garnered from citizens and choose one that they would collectively work on. According to Eldon Marks, Director of the event and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Version 75 [...]

Local IT company in initiative to push collaboration, innovation for growth of tech industry

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Social-impact led Software Company Version 75 (V75) Solutions recently launched the NeXus Hub Initiative, a project which aims to foster an environment of collaboration and innovation among local techpreneurs to bring the industry to a state where it can significantly contribute to job creation. “All we need is the right environment to shape the industry and create home grown success stories,” social entrepreneur Eldon Marks, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of V75 Solutions, said. The Nexus Hub Initiative, Guyana’s technology and innovation centre for tech industry growth and development, includes an online platform for networking, a physical space for developers to interact, and [...]

Version75 Solutions wins inaugural hackathon

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Having endured 48-hours of intense coding, Version75 Solutions on Sunday emerged as the winners of the first ‘Hackathon,’ which was organised by the Ministry of Public Telecommunications at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre last weekend. Also known as a Hack Fest, or a Code Fest, hackathons are marathons for  Information and Communications Technology (ICT) developers to showcase the creative side of ICT development, encouraging both novices and experts to work together to create software applications that provide solutions to real life challenges. Held under the theme “code till yuh drop,” the event saw the participation of eight teams, one of which came from Suriname to vie for the [...]