Software Development as a Service (V75 SDaaS)

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Go Beyond Outsourced IT

Go beyond the one-off, costly and restrained nature of outsourced IT projects. Get your very own dedicated IT team with V75's Software Development as a Service (SdaaS).

  • Drastically low upfront costs
  • No Estimated or Inflated Costs
  • Pay a Manageable Monthly for up to 2 Years
  • Evolve requirements without breaking contract
  • Maintenance included
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The Bottom Line

V75 SDaaS vs. Outsourced IT

We designed our SDaaS model to be better in every way it matters to our clients.

Outsourced IT

  • Traditionally high upfront cost
  • Costs are estimated and inflated.
  • Payment based on costly, tranched payments spanning the project timeline.
  • If you are unable to pay at least 80% of the total project cost, no project launch
  • Maintenance comes under a new contract with its own costs following deployment.
  • Once a scope and costing are set, a change in requirements means a new contract

We speak from experience

Based on our industry experience, outsourced IT solutions are more costly and usually fail to deliver over time since they need to be actively shaped to business needs while in operation. Outsourced IT solutions are constrained by scope from the inception, with an inflated price tag for development. They also need to be rushed to delivery to maximize on profit for the development firm. Once delivered, these solutions are not usually well-maintained and any additional features that may have been missed will require a new contract with more inflated costs.

V75 SDaaS is better in every way that matters to clients

Our open-ended software development service delivery allows you the greatest flexibility to remain creative throughout the development of your solution while ensuring that we keep your budgetary considerations in mind and precisely meet your operational needs. In this model, there are no inflated costs, no haphazard deliveries and we continuously shape your solution to your needs while you pay for exactly what we deliver at a pace that suits you. You can expect early prototype deliveries which are valuable to guiding your reassessment of requirements to best tailor your final solution.

  • Drastically low upfront cost

    Our upfront cost is based on the manageable monthly installment and not on the total cost of the project.

  • There are no estimated or inflated costs

    You pay for no more than what we deliver you. There are no estimated costs; our team clocks every second spent on building and supporting your solution and we offer far lower hourly rates at that!

  • Pay in manageable monthly installments spanning up to two years

    Think of repaying a loan without the interest; we agree on manageable and predictable monthly installments for the project which is comparable to covering the salary of a single employee.

  • Our SDaaS hourly hourly rates are 30% lower than the traditional

    We offer this because we are confident that you’ll find a quality, long-term engagement with us that ensures we build your vision precisely as you see it.

  • Project completion does not depend on how much is paid towards the project

    We work to completion and your satisfaction; in typical cases, your system will be up and running and paying back for itself well before you deliver your final installment to us.

  • Maintenance is covered under an active SDaaS agreement

    Your project may be deployed in part or its entirety; as long as your SDaaS agreement remains active, i.e. you are still making installments, we cover maintenance and support without an additional contract or separate costs.

  • You gain the freedom to evolve the requirements without breaking the contract

    With SDaaS, there is no set scope. We build what you want, exactly how you want it. We understand that requirements may change the more you see results and we can flexibly accommodate without adjustments to our cost structure.