About Us

The Company we Keep

We're certified conversational AI engineers, software developers and innovators

What sets us apart is our team of experienced, amazingly talented and dedicated specialists who are driven to engineer a better world with the right combination of creativity, spirit and technology.

We have built enterprise information systems for multinational organizations and continue to innovate with each product delivery. As a Clinc partner, our team of certified engineers have also worked on conversational AI experiences that serve over 25 million users, worldwide.

Our Belief
Our Belief

We have always believed that technology, innovation, youth development and social change are transformative when combined. This belief is engrained in V75 Inc.’s DNA and inspires what we do and the purpose-driven way in which we operate.

Our Mission
Our Mission

We're on a mission to engineer a better world with the right combination of creativity, spirit, community and technology. This commitment has led us to create an environment which raises brilliant specialists on cutting-edge technology career pathways.

Our Strength

Our Team

We are a collective of highly qualified tech specialists that love what we do...

Eldon Marks

Founding Director

Christopher Clarke

Project Manager,Director

Asa Brouet

Chief Technology Officer,Director

Deenauth Mohabeer

Chief Operations Officer,DIrector

Prudence Brouet

Executive Coordinator

Jason Barnwell

Software Engineer

Our Services

What we do best

Over the years we've helped companies better deliver to their customers and optimize their operations through a range of software-specific services.

Get Real Results

Go Beyond Outsourced IT

Go beyond the one-off, costly and restrained nature of outsourced IT projects. Get your very own dedicated IT team with V75's Software Development as a Service (SdaaS).

  • Drastically low upfront costs
  • No Estimated or Inflated Costs
  • Pay a Manageable Monthly for up to 2 Years
  • Evolve requirements without breaking contract
  • Maintenance included
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Take that next step with us

Evolve Your Business with AI

Conversational AI provides 24/7 availability, enhances customer experience and cuts costs. Through our partnership with Clinc Inc. we've built conversational experiences that serve millions of users worldwide.

  • Banking Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Booking Agents
  • Virtual Call Center Agents
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