ISA Islamic School hosts career day, V75 Inc Engineers welcome girls into Tech field

On October 30th 2019, Representatives, Kenneth Parris and Ashim Badree, from V75 Incorporated visited the ISA Islamic School to engage the youth on their Career day. They met with students from the primary and secondary level to speak about the impact of conversational AI.

The students were briefed on the relationship between V75 Inc and Clinc Inc, as well as the accomplishments and opportunities the youths have gained through that relationship.

They were also informed of the benefits and opportunities of working in the tech sector, regardless if they possess a degree or not. Female members of the V75 team were present to show the students that despite conventional thinking, the tech field is not one that needs to be dominated by males and it is indeed quite possible for women to be successful experts in the field.

The team showcased a demo of a Conversation AI application created by experts trained and working right here in Guyana.